Success Stories

Since our company's founding, we have helped our Department of Homeland Security and commercial partners with numerous projects that have improved the security of the United States of America. Here are some examples:

Facial Comparison

Dulles Facial Recognition

Criminals and terrorists love to use fraudulent passports to gain entry into the USA. In many cases, these fake documents are created by professional criminals and are a near-match to the traveler. We have helped DHS/CBP integrate facial recognition into airport international arrival processing to help find people that are using these documetns in an attempt to illegally enter our country.

Here is one example of how this technology helped stop illegal entry into our country:

CBP Press Release

Mobile Software

Handheld Use

Across multiple devices and operating systems, we built mobile systems used by CBP and Border Patrol to process vehicles and travelers. These systems have helped capture smugglers of illegal drugs, weapons, and money along with countless criminals trying to flee the law or gain illegal access into our country.

RFID Improvements

Sample RFID Documents

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) was a joint venture between DHS and the Department of State (DOS) to implement a key 9/11 recommendation related to travel documents and how they are processed at our borders. We worked with both CBP and DOS to help design, test, and implement the use of Gen2 RFID travel documents. Millions of these documents are now used to improve our northern and southern land border security while preserving efficient processing of travelers and vehicles.

Remote Video Inspection

Boquillas Kiosks

We worked with DHS/CBP to build remote video inspection applications used for boaters on the Great Lakes and for tourists traveling into and out of the Big Bend National Park in southern Texas. These systems helped improve national security while freeing up CBP officers to focus on their other important work.

Logistics Management

Fema Barcode Scan

We helped build and continued upgrades on a logistics management system used by the DHS Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to manage, track, and move supplies and equipment around the country in response to numerous disasters. The system was used to manage billions of dollars of stock and worked with a mobile inventory tool our people built.