Founded in 2006, our company is based in the state of Virgina (USA). We build custom software solutions to solve problems for our customers that can't be addressed with off-the-shelf software. We also have a great ability to integrate disparate equipment/hardware and other systems into products that solve complex customer needs. We are a 100% woman-owned business that has built a proven track record with many commercial and government customers.

Company Goals

Throughout our company's history, we have worked on numerous projects that are used in production environments across the United States of America. These projects vary from inventory management systems to facial recognition systems to border security management systems and beyond. We are especially proud of the systems we have built that have helped bolster the security of our country.

Our company goals are simple: We want to help customers solve problems quickly and efficiently. For every system we build or help build, we will provide well-built systems that work.





Yes, it looks like a strange word when you first see it. But, it has real meaning.

In County Donegal, Ireland, you will find beautiful rolling green land crisscrossed with stone walls built generations before. In that area, there is a small town named "Kilcar".

Our company was originally based out of a log cabin on a working farm in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. That farm is named "Kilcar Farm" because it looks so similar to Kilcar, Ireland. As we started our software company there, we decided "Kilcar Software" was the perfect choice for a name.

The name may sound strange at first, but it is a nod to two beautiful places and our Irish heritage.

Kilcar History